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Counting Of Numbers - Ordinal & Cardinal
Counting in Igbo Language

The Igbo Numerals

The scope of Igbo numerals (cardinal and ordinal) is limited. This is because in the original Ibo society, the Ibos did not need to count a vast number of things ranging up to millions as in modern times.

After a number of nnụs (i.e. 400's), they merely regard other things as uncountable or agụta-ọnụ, narị anỡ, kwuru nnụ.

The land marks in counting are 1 to 10 ( otu, abụa, atọ, anọ, ise, isii, asaa, asatọ, iteghete, iri); ọgụ or oru (20); narị anọ (400 i.e. 20 x 20).

The Igbo Numbers (Onu Ogugu)

There are two different counting systems in Igbo language that differ slightly from one another.

The older and most popular system is based on the number 20 (twenty)(Ohu). While the recent created decimal system is based on the number 10 (ten)(Iri).

The new version, a slight modification of the old system, was created in an attempt to make Igbo counting less cumbersome by bring it in line with recent developments in the academic world.

The first nineteen numbers are the same in both systems. After that, the basis of counting changes from multiples of twenty in the "old system" to multiples of ten in the new system.

Both of them however are still in use and will continue to be in use for years to come.

Here is what the new system look like in Anambra and Imo states Igbo. Note that since 1970s, only the Imo state Igbo are taught at school, before that Anambra Igbo.


Anambra State

Imo State




Zero (0)



One (1)



Two (2)



Three (3)



Four (4)



Five (5)



Six (6)



Seven (7)



Eight (8)



Nine (9)

Ite na ni

Iteghete / itolu

Ten (10)



Eleven (11)

Iri na ofu

Iri na otu

Twelve (12)

Iri na abụọ

Iri na abụọ




Thirteen (13)

Iri na ito

Iri na ato

Fourteen (14)

Iri na ino

Iri na ano

Fifteen (15)

Iri na ise

Iri na ise

Sixteen (16)

Iri na isii

Iri na isii

Seventeen (17)

Iri na isaa

Iri na asaa

Eighteen (18)

Iri na isato

Iri na asato

Nineteen (19)

Iri na ite na ni

Iri na iteghete/itolu

Twenty (20)

Iri ibụọ (20)

Iri abụọ (20)




Twenty one (21)

Iri ibụọ na ofu (21)

Iri abụọ na otu (21)

Twenty two (22)

Iri ibụọ na ibụọ (22)

Iri abụọ na abụọ (22)

Twenty three (23)

Iri ibụọ na itọ (23)

Iri abụọ na atọ (23)

Twenty four (24)

Iri ibụọ na inọ (24)

Iri abụọ na anọ (24)

Twenty five (25)

Iri ibụọ na ise (25)

Iri abụọ na ise (25)

Twenty six (26)

Iri ibụọ na isii (26)

Iri abụọ na isii (26)

Twenty seven (27)

Iri ibụọ na isaa (27)

Iri abụọ na asaa (27)

Twenty eight (28)

Iri ibụọ na isato (28)

Iri abụọ na asato (28)

Twenty nine (29)

Iri ibụọ na itenani (29)

Iri abụọ na Itegheta (29)




Thirty (30)

Iri ito

Iri ato (=10x3)

Forty (40)

Iri ino

Iri ano (=10 4)

Fifty (50)

Iri ise

Iri ise (=10x5)

Sixty (60)

Iri isii

Iri isii (=10x6)

Seventy (70)

Iri isaa

Iri asaa (=10x7)

Eighty (80)

Iri isato

Iri asato (=10 x8)

Ninety (90)

Iri ite na ni

Iri iteghete/itolu (=1x9)

Hundred (100)



Thousand (1000)



Million (1 000 000)



1 000 000 000



1 000 000 000 000



Infinity or Uncountable

Agutachagi n ogu

Agutachagi n ogu

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